Back pain now affects millions around the world. If you can spare 20 minutes a day, these 10 holistic, structured practices will guide you in the skills you need for your low back: for wellbeing, prevention, and recovery from pain and stiffness.

In this online course, you will...


    that are expertly designed to cover a healthy range of skills, positions, and movements for your low back.


    to wellbeing in every practice, with breathing, awareness, relaxation and more.


    to strengthen, align, and release your low back systematically from practices one through ten.

Program Guide

with Dr. Ganesh Mohan


This course takes you through a series of 10 guided yoga practices for your low back.

I have structured the entire program and each practice with care and expertise. Altogether, the practices introduce and deepen a spectrum of skills for your low back.

You will grow your skills gradually from practices 1-10, cultivating strength, alignment, stretching, and stability. Every practice incorporates breathing, awareness, and appropriate relaxation and mobilization. The outlook is always holistic, and you are guided with easy-to-follow instructions.

These practices are designed to fit into your busy life. They are of a convenient length, around 20 minutes each (ranging from 18 to 22 minutes).

I have structured the sequences so that every practice continues from where the previous practice ended. You could continue from one practice to the next one in the same session if you have the time and feel like doing so.

My suggestion is to do each practice once a day for 2-3 days before progressing to the next one. This will give your body and mind time to absorb the skills. Practiced thus, this program should take you around 3-4 weeks to complete.

If you find a movement or position difficult, please feel free to skip it, or modify it for yourself so that you feel safe and comfortable.

You can always return to any one of these practices as you need—as maintenance for the wellbeing of your low back, or if you have low back discomfort and you find the practices helpful for recovery.

While these practices are not aimed at a particular diagnosis, they do incorporate the skills that will help most people with self-care for back pain or other back problems.

To deepen the skills introduced here and learn yoga therapy guidelines for common diagnoses, please see the related program, Yoga for Your Low Back.

Thank you!

Dr. Ganesh Mohan

Online Course Format

  • More than 3 hours of guided practice

    available immediately upon signup

  • Systematically organized sessions

    incorporates breathing, awareness, relaxation, and mobilization

  • Self-paced study

    learn at your own pace in your own time

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Low Back Wellness in 20 Minutes a Day: 10 Practices

    • Program Guide

    • Starting easy. Move, strengthen, soften.

    • Add the neutral spine and all fours.

    • Move more and stay more, with the breath.

    • Stay and strengthen. Rise from the mat.

    • Up on the feet. Find a tall, strong spine.

    • Bend and relax, return and strengthen. Stabilize in the plank.

    • Strengthen one side at a time. Deepen the stretch from standing.

    • Easy stretch in sitting, one side at a time. Balance with strength and stability.

    • Stay and stretch in sitting, one side at a time. Strengthen your whole back.

    • Deepen the seated stretch. Extend your back. Strengthen it all.

    • Conclusion and Onward


Dr. Ganesh Mohan learned yoga from childhood in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya through his parents, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan. He trained in ancient studies including Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, and Ayurveda and then went on to become a modern medical doctor. He integrates a full spectrum of holistic well-being methods in his work: movement, breathing, meditation and mindfulness, lifestyle, diet, relationships, life guidance and more. He has had extensive experience with thousands of students and patients across the world. He also directs the Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda trainings, including the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program across the globe. He is the co-author of numerous books published internationally, such as Yoga TherapyKrishnamacharya, and Yoga Reminder. With his father, he is the translator of the important Sanskrit yoga texts, Yoga Yajnavalkya and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.


A certificate for 3 hours of training is issued upon completing the practice videos in the course.

Course FAQ

  • Can I access the materials in the course immediately on signing up?

    Yes! This course contains over 3 hours of recorded video content. You can view the videos immediately and continue to access them for the duration of your enrollment.

  • Does the course have a live component?

    Live sessions with Dr. Mohan will be offered from time to time to answer questions, and to foster community interaction and engagement. The dates and times will be announced by email to registered participants. This is in addition to the recorded content already available in the course.

  • How long can I access the course?

    You have access to the course for one year from the date of your enrollment.

  • How difficult are the exercises in the course?

    There are several exercises in the course in standing, seated, all fours, and lying positions. If you find a movement or position difficult, please feel free to skip it, or modify it for yourself so that you feel safe and comfortable. The practices are guided with calm instructions, relaxed breathing, and awareness, with safety in mind.

  • Is the course mainly lecture or practice?

    This course consists of 10 guided practices of approximately 20 minutes each. The practices in successive lessons continue from where the previous lesson ends, forming a progression in skills. All practices are designed with a holistic approach.

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What our members are saying

Working towards inner peace!

Getting insights from long term teachers and practitioners as the Mohan family is invaluable. There is a lot of clarity and simplicity in the explanations of how our mind works and the role of desire. I loved all the practices they taught in this course to move towards inner peace, soooo useful! I really appreciate all the teachings received.


Beyond Desire 

Very fulfilling in content and structure of knowledge provided as well as the deep experiences made accessible in the practice parts. Thank you so much!!!


Very indepth

Deepening your knowledge with the Mohans gives you a clear and profound insight of what yoga is about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


Embodiment, ancient and modern approaches


Very eye-opening on patterns you thought is clear anyway

Loved the practices together with the sources in the texts, very Spot on. Very clear and simple!  Thank you 


Well presented

It was very well explained. Excellent.. great charts to make it more easy to retain the concepts.



I am very grateful for the online courses; this is a great opportunity! The course was excellent, as it balanced between theory and practice.


Thank you so much

I learned so much out of this course, thanks to you!


Perfect pace, perfect presentation

Can not be better. Learned a lot even though I already knew the basics: the Imbalance of one person is his own balance, we should not focused only on production of Agni but balance it! Immediately understood why my practice of Pranayama was not fully effective, and when I added to to it Sitali paranayama, I started to feel better. Now I will look also at the diet.


A generous and very informative course

Thank you for a very rich course. I want to highlight in particular the precisions and nuances introduced by Dr. Ganesh Mohan, as well as the deep of knowledge shared by AG Mohan. It seems to me much more than a 5.5 hours program... much to reflect on :)