The Svastha Yoga Therapy Program offers a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing and therapeutic yoga. Coming from one of the most authentic and trusted sources in the yoga field, this training is rooted in ancient wisdom combined with modern science and is refined by extensive application over decades. Through this program, you will gain broad skills, deep knowledge, and relevant experience to increase resilience, prevent health problems, recover from illness, and teach this to others effectively.

The Svastha Yoga Therapy Program certification runs to 300 hours (Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations certification) and then to 800 hours (Svastha Yoga Therapist certification). You can also attend many of the component certificate courses individually.

You can complete the 300-hour training online as a single discounted package + 40 hours of mentoring. Please email us at for information.

To attend individual courses in the program, see Upcoming Courses at the end of this page and On Demand courses here


Why choose the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program?


Program Syllabus

Training Journey: Hub & Spokes

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Why Choose the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program?

The Svastha system draws upon the Mohan family's extensive studies, experience with thousands of students and patients, and skills in training yoga teachers and yoga therapists for decades.

Through the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program, you will:

I. Learn and Apply Universal Wellbeing Skills in 10 Domains

  • Map wellbeing comprehensively across 10 domains: Habit & Change, Awareness, Feelings, Thoughts & Words, Movement, Breathing, Nutrition, Senses & Lifestyle, Relationships, and Life Meaning.
  • Transform yourself and your clients with extensive guided practices, reflections, daily life application, and more.
  • Understand, practice, and combine the best of multiple approaches, both traditional and modern.

II. Dive Deep into Traditional Frameworks

  • Study classical frameworks such as guṇa, doṣa, kleśa, mantra, mudra, nyāsa, devotion, eight limbs etc. from ancient wisdom.
  • Understand the traditional perspectives of yoga with breadth, depth, and clarity from trusted and authentic sources.

III. Be Confident with Relevant Modern Science

  • Understand relevant information from modern biology and medicine to work towards wellbeing and offer yoga therapy.
  • Learn anatomy, physiology, systems-based thinking and more.

IV. Understand Major Disorders and Yoga Therapy Guidelines

  • Understand major disorders: symptoms, pathology, progression, contraindications.
  • Map modern diagnoses to a holistic, skills-based approach.
  • Strategize and choose pathways to manage patterns of imbalances.
  • Understand the traditional approach to major disorders.

V. Receive Ongoing Mentoring and Guidance for Teachers & Therapists

  • Acquire comprehensive client assessment skills.
  • Learn to design practices and sequences for different needs.
  • Establish effective communication and therapeutic relationship.
  • Delivering accessible skills in multiple ways.
  • Understand contraindications and guide clients safely.
  • Gain practical insights through case studies and ongoing mentoring.


Dr. Ganesh Mohan learned yoga from childhood in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya through his parents, A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan. He trained in ancient studies including Sanskrit, Vedic chanting, and Ayurveda and then went on to become a modern medical doctor. He integrates a full spectrum of holistic well-being methods in his work: movement, breathing, meditation and mindfulness, lifestyle, diet, relationships, life guidance and more. He has had extensive experience with thousands of students and patients across the world. He also directs the Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda trainings, including the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program across the globe. He is the co-author of numerous books published internationally, such as Yoga TherapyKrishnamacharyaYoga Reminder and Krishnamacharya In His Own Words. With his father, he is the translator of the important Sanskrit yoga texts, Yoga Yajnavalkya and  Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

A. G. Mohan is one of the foremost yoga masters in this era. He began his yoga journey in 1971, spending nearly two decades as a personal student of the legendary yogi Sri Krishnamacharya. Then he immersed himself in further wide-ranging studies of ayurveda, samkhya, tantra, ancient India dramatics, jyotisha, and more over decades. He is the author of several books on yoga, including Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind, Yoga Therapy, Krishnamacharya: His Life and Teachings and Krishnamacharya In His Own Words

Indra Mohan  began her yoga studies along with her husband, A.G. Mohan, in 1971. She is one of few people to receive a post-graduate diploma in yoga from Sri Krishnamacharya. She is appreciated by students not only for her extensive knowledge and clear teachings, but also for her wisdom and calm presence. She has guided many thousands of students over five decades to increase their wellbeing, manage their health problems, and find personal and spiritual transformation.

Nitya Mohan, daughter of A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, was trained in yoga from a young age. She also holds a degree in music and is an exponent of Vedic chanting, having conducted numerous seminars and given concerts internationally. A skilled and experienced teacher, she has been running the Svastha training programs in Singapore for two decades.

Program Syllabus

The Svastha syllabus offers an extensive, deep, and clear presentation of the full spectrum of holistic wellbeing and therapeutic self-care.

Please click here to view the syllabus online

Please click here to download the syllabus (PDF)

Please click here to download the detailed syllabus with learning outcomes (PDF)

Training Journey: Hub & Spokes

Your journey through the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program is organized around a logical hub and spokes model. You will go through 10 domains of wellbeing, with skills and techniques under each, as well as disorder-based guidelines. The entire program is anchored by the hub of mentoring and integration.

The program is designed such that you may enter from any of the courses (starting from one of the spokes and circling through the rest in any order). To anchor your learning, you will simultaneously attend the ongoing monthly mentoring and integration sessions (the hub). Many of the courses are registered with Yoga Alliance and you may use them for continuing education hours.

Courses & Contents

The 800-hour program consists of:

(A) 15 courses covering the 10 domains of wellbeing (~350 hours).

(B) 10 courses on disorder-based yoga therapy (100 hours minimum) plus further elective courses as they are added.

(C) Mentoring and integration stream (~150h including personal mentoring).

Please click here to read the contents of each course (17 pages, PDF).

We recommended that participants attend the course Foundations of Wellbeing & Yoga Therapy: Patterns & Holistic Change as early as possible in their training.

The 300-hour training is a part of the 800-hour training, and has these recommended core courses and electives:

Please click here to see the recommended core courses and electives in the 300-hour training (PDF).

300-Hour Online Calendar (2022-23)

The sessions are delivered live online, and timings are spread across three slots to accommodate maximum time zones globally. 

Intake is open on a rolling basis and live courses will repeat across 2022-2023.

Recordings of each course will be available one year, so that participants can revisit the content and deepen their understanding. 

Available on-demand when you join the course: Foundations of Wellbeing & Yoga Therapy: Patterns & Holistic Change (10 hours)

Dec 3-Dec 8, 2022: Yogic Path to Better Relationships (10 hours)

Dec 10-Dec14, 2022: Chronic pain, pain syndromes, fibromyalgia (8 hours)

Jan 7-Jan 11, 2023: Foundations of Wellbeing & Yoga Therapy: Patterns & Holistic Change (10 hours)

Jan 12-Feb 1, 2023: Breathe Well: Master Course on Breathing for Wellbeing & Yoga Therapy (36 hours)

Feb 2-Feb 11, 2023: Respiratory and Cardiovascular disorders (16 hours)

Feb 12-Feb 28, 2023: Yoga Sutra & Samkhya: Yoga Psychology & Philosophy (30 hours)

Mar 1-Apr 4, 2023 : Move Well: Master Course on Yoga Therapy for Locomotor Issues (60 hours)

Apr 12-May 10, 2023: Rest, Rejuvenate & Feel Positive (30 hours)

May 13-Jun 1, 2023: Foundations of Ayurveda, Nutrition & Digestion, Lifestyle & Senses (30 hours)

Jun 3-Jun 4, 2023: Diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndromes (6 hours)

Jun 10-Jun 29, 2023: Art & Science of Awareness: Meditation & Mindfulness (30 hours)

Total: 266 hours (plus 40 hours of mentoring with Mohans = 306 hours)

Training Format

Program sessions are offered in these training formats or streams:

1. In-person & live online programs

2. Integration and mentoring stream

Please click here to join live, interactive mentoring and study sessions with the Mohans.

3. On-demand courses

Click here to view the on-demand courses on

As of 2022, the live workshops, mentoring, and integration sessions can be attended fully online.


Svastha Yoga Therapy 300-hour and 800-hour certifications are awarded when you complete the necessary hours and competencies, and the assessments and practicum. Svastha Yoga has submitted a pre-application for IAYT accreditation of our yoga therapy education program with the intention of submitting a full accreditation application.  The program may undergo changes based on accreditation requirements.


You will be guided to track your journey through journaling and self-assessment, check-ins with a mentor, multiple choice tests, written essays, and live teaching assessment by mentors or lead teachers during course completion.


800-hour program completion requires 150 hours of documented practicum i.e. teaching in small groups and individual consultations. This will be done with the guidance of a mentor and assessed by the mentor.

Time to complete the program

Including on-demand content, you may complete the 300-hour program in 18 months and the 800-hour program in 30-36 months. The time to completion for the 800-hour program will depend on practicum requirements being met. You may proceed at your own pace and take longer if you wish.

For any queries or more information, please email us at

How to Join 

There are two pathways to join and complete the 300-hour training.

Option 1: Sign up for the whole course. You can complete the 300-hour training online (covering the core courses and selected electives) as a single discounted package + 40 hours of mentoring. Intake is open on a rolling basis and live courses will repeat across 2022-2023.

Option 2: Select one course at a time. You may take the courses on Svastha Yoga Online as they come up according to the calendar, followed by a final assessment.

Please email us at for further information including details of fees.

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